“Yoongi, Marry Me”: BTS Suga’s Most Unexpected Marriage Proposals Of All Time

Marriage is a choice. Harmony won’t ever be.

What started as a prepared to-risk-it-all proposition to be engaged has turned into a worldwide sensation.

yoongi wed me : pic.twitter.com/i1iPxCdXDn

— kimraaaa. (@rahmdess27) January 13, 2023

The “Yoongi, wed me” image has showed up wherever from BTS Suga’s live transmissions to public TV. He can’t get away from it!

suga could be abandoned on an island and he’d admire see a herd of seagulls explaining “yoongi wed me”

— hj⁷ (@onyxguk) January 13, 2023

Here are probably the most unforeseen “Yoongi, wed me” minutes up to this point.

1. The Military who chose to go for it at a NBA game.
Mightn’t a man at any point watch b-ball in harmony? Not on the off chance that he’s Min Yoongi! Causing fans a deep sense of’s pleasure (and Suga’s mortification?) a Military waved this sign during a new game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Free thinkers.

2. The admirer who crashed a TXT broadcast.
It’s impossible to tell what will happen when K-Pop icons go live, however Soobin most likely wasn’t hoping to turn into Armed force’s partner.

Tragically for Suga’s admirers, Soobin had different plans. In the wake of perusing this remark out loud in English and Korean, Soobin said, “You’ve come to some unacceptable channel.” You can’t win them all!

3. Sneak assault at the 2022 Mother Grants
On November 30, BTS’s J-Trust. gone to this yearly honor service solo, yet that didn’t prevent one inventive fan from requesting that Suga wed them.

J-Trust graced the stage as an entertainer, yet additionally as a victor of a few honors, including “The Most Famous Male Craftsman.” During his discourse, a camera slice to the crowd. One fan flipped their sign, “Hoseok-ah, be blissful,” to uncover a secret message: “Yoongi, wed me.”

4. RM’s proposition
Suga is utilized to fans requesting his hand in marriage, however shouldn’t something be said about his individuals? In an episode of Run BTS!, RM imitated fans by remarking, “Battling Yoongi! Wed Me,” during Suga’s live stream fragment.

Suga, obviously, disregarded him.

5. Fall in line, John Oliver!
In an episode of the American late-night show Last Week This evening with John Oliver, the host expressed, “And coincidentally, Yoongi, wed me. I have the reports.”

John Oliver referred to the “Yoongi, wed me” image, yet in addition one of Suga’s earliest reactions to Armed force’s propositions to be engaged. Back in 2018, Suga told Armed force to, “bring the archives,” if they needed to wed him.

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