Winners of the 2022 Korean Music Awards Announced

The Korean Music Awards have announced the winners for the year 2022. Good news for the #ARMY as BTS has come through as the Artist of the Year for the third time. 

asepa remained the highlight this year by winning the most awards. The awards that the girl group took home include Song of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Best K-Pop Song. 

The list of the winners include, 

  • Artist of the Year: BTS
  • Song of the Year: aespa – “Next Level”
  • Album of the Year: Lang Lee – “There is a Wolf”
  • Rookie of the Year: aespa
  • Best K-Pop Song: aespa – “Next Level”
  • Best K-Pop Album: Chungha – “Querencia”
  • Best Pop Song: AKMU – “NAKKA” (with IU)
  • Best Pop Album: IU – “LILAC”
  • Best Rock Song: Soumbalgwang – “Dance”
  • Best Rock Album: Soumbalgwang – “Happiness, Flower”
  • Best Modern Rock Song: Silica Gel – “Desert Eagle”
  • Best Modern Rock Album: Wings of the ISANG – “The Borderline between Hope and Despair”
  • Best R&B and Soul Song: SUMIN & Slom – “THE GONLAN SONG”
  • Best R&B and Soul Album: THAMA – “DON’T DIE COLORS”
  • Best Rap and Hip Hop Song: CHANGMO – “TAIJI”
  • Best Rap and Hip Hop Album: Choi LB – “Independent Music”
  • Best Electronic Song: HAEPAARY – “go to gpd and then”
  • Best Electronic Album: HAEPAARY – “Born By Gorgeousness”
  • Best Folk Song: Chun Yongsung – “Barley Tea” (featuring Kang Mal Geum)
  • Best Folk Album: Lang Lee – “There is a Wolf”
  • Best Metal & Hardcore Album: AGNES – “Hegemony Shift”
  • Best Jazz Vocal Album: Maria Kim – “With Strings: Dream of You”
  • Best Jazz Music Album: Jihye Lee Orchestra – “Daring Mind”

Congratulations to all the winners!

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