Will BTS Be Given Exemption From Compulsory Military Service?

Are BTS to be exempted from obligatory military service or not? 

The issue has been under discussion for years now. Since the eldest BTS member, Jin, is hitting 30 this December, the compulsory amended military enlistment age, the decision has to be made soon. 

Addressing the parliamentary committee, South Korean minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo Gyoon said to conclude the issue by December.

“We are comprehensively reviewing the issue by looking at various aspects, including the points that national defense is a sacred duty, military service is a symbol of fairness, BTS has made Korea known as the vanguard of K-culture and created a huge economic ripple effect, there are equity issues between popular artists including BTS and those who practice fine arts, this will affect the group when one of the BTS members joins the army, there are [results of] public opinion analysis and opinions of men in their 20s, and so on,” said Bo Gyoon.

The issue has the interests of the ARMY worldwide. Meanwhile, three bills concerning the BTS’s exemption from obligatory military service in the wake of their contribution to improving the country’s image are yet to be decided on by the National Assembly. 

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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