What’s Happening To Ticketmaster? BTS, Taylor Swift, And More Named At U.S. Senate Hearing

ARMYs know “all too well” what Swifties went through.

Taylor Swift`s ticketing fiasco is probably the straw that breaks Ticketmaster`s back, however Swifties aren`t the best enthusiasts laid low with the company`s stranglehold on tickets. In 2010, Live Nation merged with Ticketmaster, growing a monopoly that, thirteen years later, is stopping many enthusiasts from seeing their preferred artists in concert.

On January 24, U.S. senators held a listening to to talk about price price tag buyers` ongoing struggles with bots, scalpers, and sky-excessive prices, stressful solutions from Live Nation Entertainment. During the pre-sale for Taylor Swift`s Eras Tour, her first excursion in 5 years, Ticketmaster crashed a couple of times, leaving many outraged enthusiasts with out tickets. Public sale days have been later canceled.

At the listening to, Live Nation`s president Joe Berchtold said, “We express regret to the enthusiasts, we express regret to Ms. Swift, we want to do better, and we are able to do better.” As Senator Amy Klobuchar pointed out, however, the Eras Tour catastrophe isn`t an remoted incident.

At the listening to, she named Taylor Swift, BTS, Bruce Springsteen, and Bad Bunny as artists whose enthusiasts are laid low with Ticketmaster`s bad control and absence of transparency.


Although Ticketmaster has apologized to customers, as of now, it`s doubtful how or whilst modern practices will alternate for the better. Read extra approximately the Ticketmaster research here:

An Upcoming Investigation Into Ticketmaster And Live Nation Could Affect K-Pop Concert Ticket Sales

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