What are Jimin’s additions to #ARMY Room?

Remember the Jimin’s room from the concept photos of BE(Deluxe Edition). Filled with colorful flowers, the room sparked the message of simplicity and contrast.

Now, we are counting the days in the release of the BE(Essential Edition), and every member is making contributions to the #ARMY room to achieve the final look; it’s the best time to look into the idea Jimin has brought to it.

In the #ARMY room, Jimin has added a table and clock. Quite simple and usual objects, there are reasons why the 25-year-old opted for them.

“I think a table is a piece of furniture essential to every room. That’s why I chose a table with a design that would look perfect in ARMY’s room. I gave it one leg in the center to make sure there’s plenty of room for ARMY to gather around and chat. You can sit and sketch or write in your journal for some peace and relaxation. I think everyone needs a space where you don’t need to think too hard and can find a moment of relaxation. I hope that this table will be a gift like that to ARMY,’ said Jimin.

About the clock, Park said,

“I think a clock is something in your room that you look at very often. Listening to the ticking of the clock when everything is silent is can also bring some calm to your mind. I put a clock set at 6:13 in ARMY’s room so that every time you look at it, you’ll think of BTS. The time is always 6:13 on this clock. This room is always ARMY’s room at 6:13.”

6:13 has a deep meaning for #ARMY as it reminds us of the date of BTS’s debut, 13th June 2013.

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