Webtoon Starring BTS Members To Be Released On January 14

“7Fates: Chakho”a webtoon starring seven BTS members is to be released on January 14.

The announcement of BTS-based webtoon and web novel was made by HYBE during their ‘Briefing with the Community’ on November 3 last year. Not only BTS but webtoons and novels featuring other HYBE artists will also be released later into the year. 

“7Fates: Chakho” is an urban fantasy series inspired by the “Chakhogapsa”- the tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. The story will focus on a group of seven young lads who go through a lot of trials and tests to find their destiny. 

The first episode will come on January 14. RM will play Dogeon, while Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will take on the roles of  Hwan, Cein, Hosu, Haru, Jooan, and Zeha respectively. 

Are you excited?

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