Using BTS’s Jin For Clout? Netizens Accuse The 2023 Seoul Music Awards Of Being Rigged

Netizens from various fandoms likewise raised outrage!

On January 19, icons from various gatherings and organizations went to the 32nd Seoul Music Grants at the KSPO Arch in Seoul. However, netizens have raised outrage at the occasion in the wake of blaming the honors for being manipulated and, for ARMYs, involving BTS’s Jin as clout.

During the occasion, BTS won the Bongsang grant. Despite the fact that they couldn’t be there, RM acknowledged the honor through a video message.

However, while ARMYs couldn’t conceal their joy when BTS won an honor, many fans couldn’t conceal their outrage about the absence of grants for BTS’s Jin and his track “The Space traveler.” The melody that was delivered in 2022 acquired consideration overall and was lauded by netizens.

Specifically, many shared charts in front of the occasion exhibiting that Jin, alongside numerous different specialists like TXT, ATEEZ, and Fortune, ought to have been won the Bongsang grant.

However, in spite of many accepting the occasion would give out ten honors and Jin would win, they gave out 14, Jin actually didn’t figure out how to win. ‘

After the occasion, netizens went on the web, where #SMA_RIGGED began moving around the world, with netizens sharing their annoyance at the outcomes.

indeed, even with the 40% of the bonsang measures being left for “judges” seokjin still areas of strength for have deals in hanteo and casting a ballot wise in fancast, much more better than a considerable lot of those in the main 16 without a doubt 😭

SMA 2023 Manipulated #SMA_rigged #BOYCOTT_SMA @SMA_global

— y (@jinakgay) January 19, 2023

Here is a connection to the primary honor vote results, can look down. Some that got an honor are way at the base with No percent of the votes.

— shampcha (@shampcha) January 19, 2023

I’m truly distraught at this moment. With every one of the endeavors and restless evenings, genuinely @SMA_global?????? We really want an explanation!!!! You ought to be clear and follow your models. On the off chance that your models is less deals and less votes we ought to have not really tried to vote!!!!!!! #SMA_rigged

— Ayieeee_ HappyJinDay 💜 (@Ayieeeehhh) January 19, 2023


craftsman who entered the forecast yet didnt get a bonsang
1. Jin on sixth spot
2. TXT on seventh spot
3. Enhypen on eighth spot
4. Nct 127 ninth spot
5. Ateez on tenth spot
6. Treasure on thirteenth spot

how is that possible? they didn’t actually deliver anything last year

— na (@jeonjkiey) January 19, 2023

Specifically, many fans shared that the occasion was involving Jin for clout as, in front of the occasion, the authority page apparently reordered a tweet from a Jin account, utilizing the BTS part’s image as the notice.

Seoul Music Grants 2022 – Bonsang 🏆

🗓️: January 19
⏰: 5-6 PM KST (Honorary pathway); 7-10PM KST (Fundamental Honor Function)
📺: (Icon In addition to official)#TheAstronaut #JIN @BTS_twt

— SeoulMusicAwards | JAPAN【公式】 (@SMA_jpn) January 19, 2023

Taking into account that Jin was not joining in and didn’t win an honor, they found it wrong for the SMAs to do that.

duplicate glued a jin fanbase tweet but u couldnt even give his bonsang 😭 sma have no disgrace at all #SMA_rigged

— y (@jinakgay) January 19, 2023

While grants are typically eccentric, the outrage has come from the absence of correspondence about the models. It was apparently clarified toward the beginning how casting a ballot and the outcomes would be chosen. However, netizens have contended that the outcomes don’t check out, with many top specialists passing up winning honors.

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