TXT’s Soobin Is A Successful Fan After Receiving Bebe Rexha’s Phone Number

It’s been an emotional few days for MOA as TXT proudly walked the red carpet for the first time in America at the 2022 American Music Awards (AMA) on November 20th. It’s also been an emotional rollercoaster for TXT’s Soobin, as he hoped his ultimate fanboy dream would come true with his longtime idol, American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha. There was.

His dreams for the AMA night didn’t go as he hoped, but recent developments may have exceeded his expectations. has been vocal about his admiration for Bebe Rexha, frequently calling her his favorite artist.

soobin’s bebe rexha fan journey is so crazy +cute.. he’s a very successful fanboy 🥹 pic.twitter.com/cY9zrUfJTc

— Haze💗 (@anythingTXT) November 21, 2022

With her TXT attending the 2022 AMAs featuring Bebe Rexha, Soobin hoped to run into the American star.

TXT captured the hearts of fans and media on the awards red carpet. With so many talented artists attending the event, the question naturally arose as to which fellow artists TXT would like to meet.

TXT members soon knew the answer, naming legendary American artist Stevie Wonder, American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, American artist Charlie Puth and, of course, Bebe Rexha. .

Her Soobin’s adorable reaction to an interviewer reminding her that Bebe Rexha was also present at the ceremony caught the American singer’s attention.

Although they didn’t meet at the AMAs, Soobin Bebe Rexha left a heartfelt message on Twitter, praising her performance and lovingly “seeing and saying hello” next time they cross the street.

His sweet message received a response from Bebe Rexha, who quickly tried to set up a meeting with Soobin while he was in LA.

MOA rushed to the comments, frantically tagging his TXT to warn of exciting news, Hwang told Soobin to wake up. ”, Cheerfully urged TXT manager Jisoo to deliver the message.

Heartbreakingly, when Soobin received this news, the group had already returned to the plane, ending the thrilling hopes of finally meeting his idol.

Disappointed Soobin, in reply to Bebe, asked if he should get off the plane, tearing up at his photo.

Bebe Rexha reflected his disappointment in her reply, adding a crying emoji of her before conveying her message of hope to Soobin.

The TXT reader became the ultimate fan when Bebe Rexha gave him his phone number so they could meet in the future.

It started out as a sad situation, but one of Soobin’s dreams has finally come true.
Hopefully, now that they can communicate directly, we can finally work together.

Check out more of Soobin’s fanboy moments in the article below!

TXT’s Soobin proves himself to be a true Bebe Rexha fanboy at the final AMAs of 2022

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