The American Time magazine selected the idol group BTS as the’Entertainer of the Year’ in 2020.

Time magazine announced on the 10th (local time) that it has designated BTS as the celebrity of the year. “These are the most popular K-pop groups on the music charts. They also became the largest bands in the world,” he explained. “With the release of several albums, BTS broke all kinds of records and reached the peak of pop stardom by appearing in improvised live streaming.”

In particular, it was evaluated that BTS had succeeded by continuing to communicate with fans online despite the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Time magazine said, “(This year) the world is paused. It was a year that everyone has been struggling to maintain a sense of bond.” “Other celebrities tried to overcome this year’s challenges, but most of them failed. However, the bond between BTS and the fan club ARMY has grown deeper.”

Time magazine said, “Today, K-pop is a multi-billion dollar market. However, for decades, the gatekeepers of the music market, such as Western radio giants, media, and critics, have treated K-pop as a’weird thing.’ I met all the expectations of K-pop. BTS showed a surprisingly candid appearance about the hard work going into it along with the appearance of a superstar.”

“BTS is not the first Korean group to take a successful step in the Western world. However, their success represents a major change in the operation of the fandom and consumption of popular music. “BTS is a study case in which a sense of connection (between a group and a fan) led to the domination of the music industry.”


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