“Street Man Fighter” Star Ocheon Shares Why BTS’s J-Hope Used To Make Him Feel “Jealous”

A fledgling rivalry that jumped out of manga.

Shin Seung-hoon, better known as Oh Jeong, is a member of the dance crew He MBITIOUS, which became famous after participating in the Mnet reality show Streetman Fighter. Recently, Ocheon was featured on Esquire Korea as a streetman his fighter along with the other leaders of his crew. In a one-on-one interview, the dancer revealed that he has history with his J-Hope from BTS.

When an interviewer asked about his relationship with J-Hope, Ochoen shyly revealed his old story, saying he once fought J-Hope before he debuted with BTS. According to Ocheon, J-Hope received so much praise from senior dancers that they couldn’t help but feel competitive and had a desire to beat him in a fight.

Oh, it’s really nothing, I’m ashamed to even call it a connection…but long ago we fought. That was long before BTS debuted. The seniors praised J-Hope, so I was jealous and thought, “Let’s beat him.”

– Ocheon, Esquire Korea

After this encounter, the two did not see each other for a long time until they met at the MAMA Awards. J-Hope first recognized Ocheon in the dressing room and warmly welcomed him!

After that, we didn’t see each other for a long time until we met at the MAMA Awards. He remembered me and was the first to say hello. he was very nice

– Ocheon, Esquire Korea

For those of you who don’t know, J-Hope was a famous street dancer before joining Big Hit Entertainment (now BIGHIT MUSIC) as a trainee. He is a member of a crew called Neuron, Smile Hoya! Ohchung revealed that before moving there permanently in high school, he often went to J-Hope’s hometown of Gwangju to learn dance. MBITIOUS leader’s anecdote made many understand J-Hope’s dance heritage. Fans are surprised to learn that he surpassed talented dancers like Oh Jeong before his debut. And now, all the world needs is J-Hope and Ochoen working together to destroy the Internet!

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