South Korean parliament passes the bill, allowing BTS to postpone the military enlistment

Indeed, a great relief for the BTS fans, as the band gets the leeway to perform for at least a few more years.

Previously, the ‘Army’ was worried about the K-pop stars’ impending leave because of the mandatory military enlistment. But, the latest bill passed permits the ‘Bangtan Boys’ to stay for a few more years- until they turn 30.

According to the existing law, all able-bodied between 18-28 years in South Korea are obliged to undertake military service encompassing 18 months. However, exemptions were granted to athletes and the top classic-music artists, but not the K-Pop artists.

Revisions to the existing-law were proposed following the ‘Dynamite’ incredible performance on the charts. Not only the Dynamite, but BTS is also achieving the impossible with their new release, ‘BE,’ that has topped this week’s Albums chart.

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