RM Shares Jin’s Farewell Message To BTS Before His Enlistment

Jin had young BTS members in mind.

BTS’ Jin enlisted in the South Korean military on December 13 at an entrance ceremony attended by the recruit’s friends and family.

Surrounded by six young members, Jin said goodbye to his dear hyung after 18 months of military service.

South Korean media weren’t allowed through the gates of his center for training, but the BTS team entered with cameras to capture the group’s final moments before the ceremony.

Sayonara is a touching episode of BTS, shared on the group’s official YouTube channel. The video showed each member taking individual photos with the group posing for Jin and OT7’s photo.

The group’s conversation in the BTS video was lighthearted and encouraging, but ARMYs could see how emotional the moment was for BTS.

In his recent KBS News 9 interview, BTS leader RM said more about the group’s final moments with the general public Jin at the entrance ceremony, including Jin’s farewell message to colleagues. gave a lot of insight.

RM caught up with host Lee Jae Seok in an exclusive interview on KBS New 9, Meet the News. Of course, since Jin’s draft was recent, the issue of military service for the oldest hyung in the group was raised. Lee Jae Seok asked about BTS’s experience at Jin’s induction ceremony, especially if the oldest member had any farewell wisdom for the group.

Lee Jae Suk:
“I also saw that all seven members went to the training center to say goodbye to Jin. ”
“He didn’t say much. He probably changed his mind. When he finally got to the training center, he said he would do his best there. Like the oldest, he said he’ll be the first to go through it all and let us know how it goes.
In classic Jin fashion, RM kept the vibe as positive as possible, telling younger members to help prepare for their own ministry by sharing his experiences with them after he left first. I shared what I said to

Afterwards, Lee Jae Suk asked what the leader of the group said to Jin at the entrance ceremony, and of course RM delivered a heartfelt message to his hyung.

What I said was… I asked him to take care of himself. Please come back in good health. I also wanted him to perform his duties safely and conscientiously, as I know it. And he’s always been strong, so I asked them to show me how strong he is.

— RM

RM then shared his own reflections on Jin’s enlistment and what it means for BTS, describing his thoughtful and wise role as the group’s leader who sees the inevitable as a growing season for the group. was shown.

…we’ve been through a lot, both as a group and as individuals. And I feel like I’ve finally moved on to another chapter. It was a moment that had to come and a moment we had been waiting for.So for us it felt like the whole page-turning experience as BTS. I have a lot of mixed feelings… There is no doubt that Jinhyung, who came forward first, is doing his best in the practice field. So I will imitate him and wait for it with a calm and cool mindset like him. — RM

Jin also had a farewell message to ARMYs, making it a lighthearted and humorous moment that fans will fondly remember.Check out his “Jin-like” farewell post below!

BTS’s Jin casually says goodbye to ARMYs

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