RM Reveals How He Really Feels About Being The Leader Of BTS

RM tells how he overcame his initial doubts about being a K-pop idol.

Her RM of BTS recently spoke to Hypebeast about the release of her own solo album and how she found her own musical identity.

Part of that journey has been to define who he is outside the group he’s spent the last decade with, while maintaining an appreciation for his roots as the group’s leader.

RM will release the long-awaited full-length album Indigo on December 2nd. Indigo marked his first official album release after previously recording two mixtapes. This star-studded album represented the end of RM’s twenties. My twenties were a vortex of emotional ups and downs.

Through his solo releases, Kim also explores his identity as Namjoon and as the leader of his RM of BTS, one of the biggest music groups in the world.

The release of this album was an important step in his journey of discovering and establishing his personal identity.

[BTS] is obviously an important part of my life. But it doesn’t quite represent who I am, and I had to release this album to stand on my own two feet as an individual. — RM

Despite achieving great success as the leader of BTS, he revealed that his decision to join a boy band bothered him at times.

His roots began as an underground rapper and hip-hop artist under the stage name Ranch Landa. In an interview with Hypebeast, he reflected on the artist who launched his underground career, saying hip-hop he wasn’t an artist, he was pop. I reflect on his fear that I might be seeing with my eyes.

As I traveled with BTS, I became more and more isolated from this world and was tormented by the thought that the people I love and who love the same music as me don’t love me. I often wonder if I made the right decision by joining a boy band. At the time, BTS were treated like complete outsiders in the South Korean hip-hop community. It stressed me out.

— RM

Over time, RM came to terms with the fact that “good music is good music”, and post-he began working with Western artists such as Malone, Drake, and Lil Uzivert for a wider acceptance of music in its genre ideas. As an artist who inspired The top release on the biege charts.

Deciding to stop thinking about the paths I didn’t take, starting to think more about the inevitability of what I became, and embracing the best version of myself allowed me to create this album. . Be honest with yourself.

— RM

He further explores his identity with BTS in the lyrics and music video for RM’s song “Wild Flower” featuring Youjeen. He previously revealed that the beautiful traditional Korean fireworks in the video, Nafanori, were intended to represent the flashy, rapidly disappearing “fireworks” meant to reflect BTS.

RM likens the group to an “impressive, rapidly disappearing fireworks display”, but revealed that he doesn’t downplay the group’s success.

I’m a member of BTS. We don’t want to take our job lightly. I am very grateful for all that I have gained and experienced as a member of this team. If it hadn’t been for BTS, I wouldn’t have been able to produce my solo album and achieve everything I wanted to do in this privileged environment. — RM

RM also explained that he has made progress and made ‘greedy’ decisions in his journey to define RM and Kim Namjoon.

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