Netizens Notice An Adorable Detail About BTS’s Solo Photos With Jin That Reveal Their Sibling Dynamic

ARMYs are still processing their emotions after BTS’s first member, the group’s eldest son, Hyunjin, enlisted in the military.

Fans are feeling mixed emotions, but so is Jin’s BTS counterpart, recorded on the group’s newly released Bangtan Bomb.

Each BTS member joined BIGHIT MUSIC (previously known as BigHit Entertainment) between 2010 and 2012, forming a brotherhood of more than ten years, and the ordeal of debuting under a small company. Overcoming hardships and carving out new paths for K-pop artists to grow. international superstar.

Their unique experiences, as described in interviews and lyrics, have left the members isolated and stressful at times, but there are also plenty of rewarding moments. Only these people can fully comprehend the situation and success that is not. This shared experience has forged a family-like bond between members.

At Jin’s military enlistment ceremony, all members gathered to recruit Hyung, and BTS’s V returned to South Korea from his international schedule so as not to miss the ceremony.

The members showed brotherly affection together in the final moments before Jin’s call. , enjoyed every moment with him.

After the members took a group photo together at the training center, each member took time to take a special photo with Jin. A BTS video showed the making of a behind-the-scenes photo, and netizens interestingly noted that each member’s pose with Jin reflected the family dynamic.

All her BTS members have at least one sibling of hers, and their poses hilariously reflect their roles among the siblings.

1. have a sister
J-Hope of BTS is the only member with an older sister and the two form a very close bond. was.

2. I have a brother
Jin, Jungkook, and Suga have older brothers. Together with Jin, they hilariously posed like a younger brother who was asked to stand still for a photo with his older brother.From the BTS video, the members were simply overcome with emotion, I wanted to be strong, so I realized that “stage photography” wasn’t the case.

3. have a sister
BTS’s V has a younger brother and sister, and RM has a younger sister, and the two are very protective of their younger sister. I bowed to him with affection like an older brother.

4. Has a younger brother
Besides V, Jimin of BTS also has a younger brother! The photo of Jimin, V, and Jin is an adorable mix of a poor little brother and a cute little brother who were photographed together face-to-face.

Pointing out family dynamics, the OP (original poster) shared taking pictures with Oppa in the same way, netizens couldn’t agree more, and found BTS’s poses to be relevant and adorable. Check out the article below for more information on BTS member brothers!

Here’s What We Know About All 8 Brothers Of BTS Members

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