Netizens Are In Awe Of BTS Jin’s Visuals After He Shaved His Head

Wishing him a secure enlistment!

BTS`s Jin is fending off the army soon, however he made positive to replace lovers on his cutting-edge popularity earlier than he leaves.

One of the matters that lovers have been curious approximately became how Jin might appearance with a shaved head. As according to maximum army rules, it`s obligatory to shave your head earlier than you input the base. Jin observed protocol strictly and shaved his hair an afternoon earlier than he might enlist. With the caption, “it appears cuter than I thought,” Jin lightened the mood.

Netizens have been now no longer amazed at how cute he seemed regardless of the shaved head. Not many can pull off this type of naked style!

“They stated people`s appears have been very inspired via way of means of their hair, however Jin`s simply all as much as his face itself. He appears good-looking inspite of that hair.”

“Is his face fr? His `global class` name didn`t simply come outta nowhere.”

“Seeing his shaved head makes me sense like he`s honestly going. I`m a bit conflicted however his chesnut hair additionally appears so cute…sob sob…”

“Seems like he honestly can`t take selfies however why is my coronary heart fluttering?”

“Jin f*cking can`t take selfies however his face is so good-looking that angles aren`t needed. His face simply does it all.”

“2025 can be right here in a jiffy… I simply should endure out 3 semesters f*ck.”

Fans can be eagerly watching for Jin`s go back in 2025! Wishing him all of the great in his enlistment on December 13, 2022.

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