‘My Universe’ Music Video Sends The Futuristic Waves Among People

‘My Universe’ music video is out. 

The announcement for the release of the video arrived yesterday. Luckily, the artists didn’t make the fans wait a lot and dropped the video only a few hours after confirming the release. 

The direction of  Dave Meyers is rich in sci-fi, and cinematic vibes. The plot is set in a far-off galaxy where music is forbidden. However, BTS, Coldplay, and another alien music group,  Supernova 7,  unite through Hologram to perform ‘My Universe.’

No doubt, Meyers’ imagination came through perfectly. Since its release, the video has already surpassed 10 million views on YouTube.

About ‘My Universe,’ it is a ColdplayXBTS collab featuring lyrics both in English and Korean languages. Also, the title will be part of Coldplay’s upcoming album, Music of the Spheres, set to debut on October 15. 

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