Musician Hyesung’s Instagram Story Sparks Speculations About BTS V’s Upcoming Music

ARMYs will have a truly occupied 2023.

Maker, DJ, and artist Hyesung as of late transferred an Instagram story that has got fans expecting new music from BTS’s V soon.

Hyesung as of late worked with V for his front of “It’s Starting To Seem to be Christmas.” He is credited for the instrumental in the cover. As a maker, he has likewise worked with other conspicuous specialists like Suran and Peakboy.

The maker shared a piece of an unreleased melody in V’s voice on his Instagram story on January 17, KST. He subtitled the video with “Soooooon,” prodding fans’ expectation.

artist hyesung who worked with taehyung as of late shared his “I see you grin” scrap and said SOOON

— s (slow) (@thvdiaries) January 17, 2023

Be that as it may, ARMYs have previously heard this bit previously. The first video was really shared by V on his Instagram back in January 2022.

Yet, V had let fans know that he will not be formally putting out any tracks he has previously allowed them to get a sneak look of. Along these lines, ARMYs couldn’t however grieve that they could never get to hear this wonderful anthem in its full brilliance.

BTS’s V Updates ARMYs On His Mixtape… However It’s Not The News We Were Expecting

Notwithstanding, Hyesung’s presently erased story has provided fans with another beam of trust. Could it be a solitary? Or on the other hand will V be the following BTS part to put out his independent collection? In the event that indeed, will it be before Jimin or after him? Ideally, fans will get to know all of this soon.

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