Major Radio Stations As The Capital London Play Jungkook’s Unofficial “Falling” Cover 

Jungkook’s cover of Harry Styles’ “Falling”  has been an absolute stunner. No doubt,  It has entered a viable spot among the top drops of 2021. Though it was unofficial, it paved to a massive surge in “Falling” sales in countries such as the United States.

As per the new stats, Jungkook’s “Falling” cover was played in more than 19 radio stations worldwide, with some notable hits as the ‘Capital London Radio,’ that falls among the biggest radio stations in the United Kingdom. 

The cover also debuted on the YouTube Global Top Songs, and bagged the record of the most liked Audio by a Korean-Soloist on YouTube. 

This is insane, given that the drop was unofficial. But the success it garnered, reflects Jeon’s popularity and hold on the music industry. 

Congratulations to Jungkook on this immense success!

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