Korean Netizens Sympathize With The Pakistani Teenagers Who Ran Away From Home To See BTS

The majority of them found the young ladies amusingly bold.

As of late the insight about two Pakistani teen young ladies taking off from home to meet BTS mixed critical conversations around careful utilization of K-Pop. However the two adolescents have gotten some detached analysis over the issue, numerous Korean netizens are feeling for them.

On January 7, two young ladies, matured 13 and 14, disappeared from their home in Karachi, Pakistan. At the point when the police scanned their homes for pieces of information, they found that the young ladies were intending to go to South Korea to meet BTS. The two were found a couple of days after the fact in Lahore, a city 1,200km (~745 miles) away from their home.

The young ladies were concealing themselves to be inconspicuous or disregarded. They were camouflaged and garbed in a manner [so as to look like boys], as per the constable who tracked down them.

— Rail lines Police representative

The case got a ton of talk around fan culture and what happens when little kids don’t have the expected place of refuge to connect straightforwardly with their side interests. As the news arrived at South Korea, numerous netizens felt for the young ladies while additionally noticing the truth with some humor.

“If by some stroke of good luck getting to meet them was pretty much as simple as coming to Korea… even Koreans living here can’t see them with such ease ㅋㅋ”
“Aigoo… youngster, I live in Korea, and it’s hard for me to try and see them.”
“Something that main a high schooler can have the guts to do… on the grounds that once you hit your thirties or forties, nobody could pay you to try and believe should do this.”
“But, in any event, coming to Korea isn’t sufficient to get to see them… ”
“They will get far in existence with that sort of boldness.”
“I live in Korea, and I’ve never seen them ㅋㅋㅋ they’re such daring children!”
“I used to figure I could go to Hong Kong and see Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, and Leslie Cheung as well.”
“Regardless of whether you live in a similar country, a similar city, even something similar… locale… it’ll be hard to at any point see them.”
“Very enthusiastic of them.”
“The assurance that small children have will continuously astound me.”
The little youngsters could have made an off-base stride energized by their conditions, yet their enthusiastic valiance didn’t be ignored by numerous K-netizens.

You can peruse more about the occurrence here:

Two Missing Pakistani Young ladies Believed To Be Hijacked Had Really Taken off From Home… To Meet BTS

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