Just Another “Broke Millionaire” Moment From BTS’s Jungkook

He`s rich, however additionally… not.

BTS`s Jungkook is rolling in riches those days, however he hasn`t misplaced the thrifty mind-set he had as a rookie!

From the usage of a towel for a pillow to attempting to shop for snacks with a black card, Jungkook is the epitome of a “broke millionaire”, and his saga keeps to this day.

In a beyond stay broadcast, Jungkook confirmed off his minty new hair color, chatted approximately his diet, and sang songs. 

He additionally discovered that he broke his telecellsmartphone. Jungkook may want to without difficulty purchase a brand new one, however instead, he “fixed” it…

…with tape! This is some thing many broke enthusiasts can actually relate to.

Add this for your listing of “simply Jungkook matters”!

jungkook only a hilarious millionaire the identical guy who used rolled towels till 2019 due to the fact he didn`t personal any pillows, were given one thousand greenback telecellsmartphone striking on with the aid of using tape n` prayers, and asks to carry matters domestic from each set however drives a Mercedes Benz

ok ⁷ (@cyphertann) March 7, 2021

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