Jungkook’s Tweet Is 2021 Most Liked Tweet By An Artist

As a band, BTS is the winner. But its members in their individual capacity also rule the hearts of millions and cherish the power to mold the media trends. A recent example of the claim involves Jungkook’s tweet coming through as Twitter’s ‘2021 Most Liked Tweet by an Artist.’ 

Not only this, but the same tweet with 3.2M likes also succeeded in standing out as the second overall ‘Most-Liked Tweet of the Year’-The only person ahead is Joe Biden leading the chart with his inauguration tweet. 

Posted on Jan 25, 2021, the victorious tweet featured Jungkook’s blonde hair selfie with an emoji as a caption. Admittedly, a lot must have anticipated the tweet to stand out on Twitter’s year-end stats, since it evoked a strong fans’ reaction as soon as it had hit the internet.  

BTS  is also a news highlight because of its recent achievements.  Lately, it broke Taylor Swift’s record of dominating the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart for the most weeks, whilst its singer ‘V’ attracted attention by overthrowing two world records with his just-launched personal Instagram account. 

Congratulations to BTS and Jungkook on this accomplishment!

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