Jungkook Steals Hearts For Impeccable Energy On PTD’s Stage

Permission To Dance On Stage Las Vegas edit continues with success. On the second day of the series of concerts, BTS owned the stage with their ‘electrifying’ performances.

However, out of all the members, Jungkook attracted special attention for his unusual energy boost. In the videos making rounds on the internet, the 24-year-old could be seen putting out extra thrill and energy; at the moment when the rest of the band was taking a break to catch a breath, Jeon could be spotted dancing in the background.

Perhaps, Jeon was also aware of what was happening, as he said during the concert: 

Today I’m in very good condition. Really “full of energy.” You guys are very lucky. I’m usually in the best condition on the second day and with what I felt today, I think that matter is settled once and for all. With this amount of energy, I can perform one more time”

However, #ARMYS have greatly praised this energy burst. Jungkook trended on Twitter with over 2.38 million tweets. Not to forget, he was also the most talked-about person on the PTD’s Day 1  for flashing abs- that for the record happened on the second day as well. 



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