IDCM Lists The New ARMY$ Coin 

ARMY$ has now been officially listed on the IDCM. It is a blockchain cryptocurrency by the BTS ARMY Hong Kong, that aims at decentralization, and bringing the ARMIES of the world together through the internet and technology. 

According to IDCM, the coin was launched on the exchange site on August 10, 2021, at 15:00 Hong Kong time. Currently, there are around 7 million coins in circulation. These are exchanged for USDT, where the exchange rate for each stands at $9.82 as of August 17. 

Though it has just landed into the massive crypto universe, ARMY$ has shown the potential of joining the sphere of the top blockchain currencies. Within hours of its release, at 12: 50 p.m. Hong Kong time, it hit the high of $14 – an enormous rise of almost 200 percent, right from $5 to $14. 

About the Hong Kong BTS ARMY, it is an innovative project that aspires to shatter the boundaries keeping the ARMIES of the world from uniting and interacting through the utilization of blockchain technology. The project is of a huge scope encompassing many other fronts as well like the ARMY merchandise and ARMY island. 

Through the ARMY$, it aims to help ARMY overcome barriers in the physical world, interact with each other in the metaverse world, make memories about BTS, and share friendships with each other.

Therefore, ARMY$ will be used as a resource to build a metaverse world called ARMY World and make it work properly, and not as a tool for trading and value storage.
In the words of the project CEO, JoHugh, ​​

“Although the ARMY Dollar is just a type of cryptocurrency at exchanges in real life, it is proof of transaction that allows the blockchain industry, one of two technical pillars of ARMY World, to function. It is also the currency of the Metaverse that is ARMY World. Thus, the ARMY Dollar doesn’t have to be a transaction media in real life. This cryptocurrency is a fundamental asset and basis of a citizen when living in ARMY World.”

The ARMY$ can also be transferred among the citizens registered with the ARMY Wallet. Visit the site,, to find more details about the registration and the currency. 

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