‘I cheer you on as a fan,’ Says Hope Posing With Gaga

Gaga and BTS share a bond like none other. At the Grammys, the American singer and BTS V stole hearts with their impeccable respect and affection for each other.

And now, it’s J-Hope who has shared some lovely moments from the backstage of the  “Lady Gaga Enigma + Jazz & Piano” concert in Las Vegas.

Sharing the pictures with the Insta family, Hope wrote,

“Today was a really glorious day.

When it comes to a show, there’s none like Lady Gaga!!! It was a special day for me since I wanted to see her performance so much.

Today, on the stage she was incredible, but off the stage, she was so professional and there was so much to learn from her, and every comment from her for me will stay with me for my whole life.

@ladygaga, my queen forever!!!

Please keep making your incredible music.

Thanks to you, today I discovered the beauty of jazz!!!

I cheer you on as a fan!!! Love U!!”

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