Harry Styles “Falling” Experience Massive Surge In Sales Following Jungkook Cover

BTS Jungkook enjoys a massive fandom, and given his immense popularity among the fans, he manifests a firm hold on the market trends also. 

The latest example is Jungkook’s “Falling” cover dominating the music charts and bringing the subsequent increase in the sales of the title. 

Only in the United States, Harry Styles’ “Falling” witness a 379 percent hike in sales, following the drop of Jungkook’s cover. 

Reporting on the news, Philippines ‘ABS-CBN NEWS’ said,

“BTS’ youngest member Jeon Jungkook has racked up a global pull most marketers could only dream of.

Whether it costs a dollar or a thousand, the golden maknae is known to have a Midas touch when it comes to selling out products. Although unintentionally, Jungkook has pushed the sales of numerous brands to unprecedented levels, after he was merely spotted by fans using the item.

Most recently, however, his influence impacted the music purchases of fellow global superstar Harry Styles.”

This is a huge success, considering that Jungkook dropped the cover completely unannounced. As soon as it hit the internet, the cover dominated Twitter in over 92 countries and has been at No.14 on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart for 7 days

We don’t need any proof of Jungkook’s popularity. Do you?

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