Hanteo Chart To Hold First Offline Hanteo Music Awards To Commemorate 30th Anniversary

HANTEO Chart Announces First Official Music Awards Ceremony!

On November 23, HANTEO Global, the company that manages the HANTEO chart, will host the 2022 30th Anniversary HANTEO Music Awards (HMA), the first-ever face-to-face award ceremony to commemorate the chart’s 30th anniversary. Announced. The awards ceremony will be held on February 10th and 11th, 2023 at Jamsil Gymnasium.

This is the HANTEO Chart’s first offline award ceremony and will continue in this manner for the next few years.The awards will be given based on objective and accurate data from the HANTEO Chart. It will be an opportunity to look back on the achievements of the K-pop industry over the past year, and will be an awards ceremony that K-pop fans around the world can enjoy. K-pop artists who have grown up with the history of the Hanteo chart will present memorable performances at the ceremony. There will also be many fun event booths at the venue where fans can participate.

The Hanteo Chart is Korea’s first music chart and has grown and developed in step with the K-pop industry over the past decades. It is the only real-time music chart in the world that collects big K-pop data, and it is also the chart where viewers can see her K-pop ongoing trends.

Hunt Chart CEO Kwak Young Ho said, “This award ceremony is an important event to look back on the history of Han Chart and 30 years of K-pop. It will be enjoyed by many fans around the world. ”

Who do you want to meet at the HANTEO Music Awards? Stay tuned for more updates!

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