Great News As BTS Jimin’s Discharged From Hospital 

Great news as BTS Jimin has been discharged from the hospital. 

On January 31, the male idol was admitted to the hospital for appendicitis surgery. However, during the procedure, while taking the requisite PCR for Corona, Jimin came out to be virus-positive. 

The news was, indeed, devastating for #ARMY.  Fans were concerned about the health of the singer. However, BigHit reached out and informed that Jimin is doing well, and is at the hospital for the necessary post-operation, and COVID care.

However, as of February 5, Jimin’s quarantine period concluded, upon which he had taken PCR again which fortunately turned out to be negative. Reporting this, BigHit said that

“We would like to inform you that BTS Member Jimin’s quarantine has concluded after his surgery for acute appendicitis as of this early morning (February 5).

Jimin tested positive for COVID-19 and was diagnosed with acute appendicitis on Sunday, January 30, and underwent surgery on Monday, January 31. He has since received inpatient care and tested negative on his PCR test before being discharged from the hospital.”

According to the issued statement, Park is doing fine and doctors are satisfied with his progress. 

Get well soon, Jimin!

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