From Supremes to BTS, here’s what Esquire’s the Best Pop Bands of All-Time list contains

On January 30th, Esquire unveiled its top 10 ‘Best Pop Bands of All-time’ compilation.

Spanning over the decades and decades, getting into such a list is definitely not an easy task. But, BTS managed to enter this finest collection.

Starting from The Supremes and ending at BTS, the top 10 list indeed showcases the brightest of the talent in the Pop world. Featuring on the list is huge, especially for BTS, as it is the only South Korean band to make it here.

Witing about BTS, Esquire said,

“While K-Pop as a genre has been around for decades, BTS is arguably one of the vanguard acts to pioneer K-Pop’s immeasurable worldwide success. With a fanbase that is aptly described as “ARMY,” BTS’s beloved septet has rapidly redefined boy bands, fandoms, and pop music itself. Their hits “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On” offer a blend of pop, hip-hop, disco, and R&B, with catchy melodies that are often laced with social commentary-based lyrics.”

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