“#FreeTaehyung” Trends As Netizens Defend BTS’s V After He Follows BIGBANG’s T.O.P On Instagram

He rapidly unfollowed T.O.P thereafter.

BTS’s V, generally known by his genuine name Kim Taehyung, got a few noxious web-based remarks from netizens subsequent to following BIGBANG’s T.O.P on Instagram. Numerous analysts were disturbed since they saw T.O.P as a terrible impact on V.

Armed force, BTS’s true being a fan, was baffled since a portion of the pessimistic messages came from individuals who professed to be devotees of V and BTS. A portion of these Twitter clients deactivated their records or erased their tweets following the reaction from ARMYs.

Why need antis when this is the way your own alleged fans are acting and giving grain to antis. Some of you want to realize your place as fans and not cross your cutoff points

📎 https://t.co/lvTZ3O3d4Z
📎 https://t.co/3iS5OyTEeE
📎 https://t.co/b2Joa8Zc94
📎 https://t.co/fqqAYr4fUJ pic.twitter.com/ZPvPS3agzF

— REPORT FOR V (@thvreport) January 14, 2023

This unintentional follow uncovered the greatest fakers, jobless, antis inside the being a fan. Counterfeit Armed force. Counterfeit OT7. Don’t bother my kid. #FreeTaehyung
WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG pic.twitter.com/atwSIFbXCz

— Ap®i££e 김태형 (@thvSN119CT79) January 15, 2023

Numerous netizens likewise came to V’s protection, saying that the individuals who offered negative remarks towards him aren’t genuine fans and don’t merit being a piece of Armed force. The hashtag “#FreeTaehyung” started moving on Twitter.

Is this the way that ARMYS support the young men particularly Kim Taehyung? On the off chance that you’re really a Military, you won’t pass judgment on them in any circumstance and you’ll uphold them similarly. This sort of conduct ought not go on without serious consequences. This is so revolting. STOP THIS !!

WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG#FreeTaehyung pic.twitter.com/SLQFTJGuu2

— ⟬⟭ᴮᴱNinong Kookie⁷⟭⟬ (@tanniekosmossss) January 15, 2023

V rapidly unfollowed T.O.P on Instagram, suggesting that his activities were a mishap or a misstep. Notwithstanding, a considerable lot of V’s fans clarified that they upheld him genuinely.

V following TOP deliberately or not idc. Im here to help Tae as a performer and an artist.I regard him and his space. I trust Taehyung.

KTH Fam assuming you actually have space in FP if it’s not too much trouble, add all suitable quantities of DarfortaeC.
Thank you🤗 weeeh

WE LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG#FreeTaehyung pic.twitter.com/tobAqzlwKk

— Dar | 김탱형 🙋🏻‍♂️ (@darfortae) January 15, 2023

these individuals are fvking insane perceive how taehyung rapidly unfollowed TOP. you all are somewhat manipulative b*txhes. let bts follow who they need to follow you dont fvking own them, you don’t merit being called Armed force THEN 😡 #FreeTaehyung pic.twitter.com/MHVMzoowjA

— Mae ♉️ (@iamaeflores12) January 15, 2023

Tragically, communications between K-Pop symbols are still at times saw in a negative light. Ideally, the two specialists aren’t impacted by the pessimistic remarks made towards them, and their own choices are regarded.

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