Forbes Names Jin As The Most Successful Male Artist From His Field

American leading media outlet, Forbes, has tagged BTS Jin as the most successful male artist from his field. 

In the article published on December 14, Forbes applauded Jin’s triumphant music career, highlighting two of his recent releases, “Yours” and “Super Tuna.” Both the drops came through as the megahits and recorded notable wins on the Billboard charts. 

Acknowledging the feat, the media agency wrote, 

Just a few weeks ago, BTS member Jin showed the world how beloved he is by fans with an unexpected and rare chart hit in America. Now, he’s back with another win to his name, and by snagging doubling his wins on one particular Billboard ranking, he becomes the most successful male artist from his field.

Released on December 4, Jin dropped  “Super Tuna,” as his birthday treat for #ARMY.   However, the surprise has been turning social media upside down, especially TikTok, where it has already surpassed 120 million views and is still going. 

Moreover, the song entered the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart and maintains its presence on the chart in the second week too. 

As “Super Tuna” arrives, Jin’s own “Yours” continues to find space on the 20-spot Hot Trending Songs chart as well. This frame, it drops from No. 12 to No. 18 in its fifth frame on the social media-based ranking. The tune peaked at No. 5, and it is one of the longest-running wins among solo stars from the K-pop world in the short time Billboard has been publishing the list.”

Congratulations, Jin!

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