Flight Attendant Shares Why BTS’s Jimin Has “The Best Personality” In K-Pop

“I assume that`s why he`s so cherished and have become the first-rate idol withinside the world.”

Flying round the sector for concert events and activities is a massive a part of each predominant idol`s each day life, so it need to come as no wonder that flight attendants get plenty of probabilities to study greater approximately them. In a current interview, one flight attendant discovered why she thinks BTS`s Jimin has “the first-rate personality” out of all idols.

These days, Kim Soo Dal and Kim Ha Gyeong are each YouTubers, however their careers began out out very differently. Both girls labored as airline personnel for 10 years, with Kim Soo Dal serving as a floor attendant and Kim Ha Gyeong serving as a flight attendant. During that time, they met severa idols, from EXO and BIGBANG to Girls` Generation and Rain.

While neither of the airline people met the BTS contributors in the course of their career, Kim Ha Gyeong had a tale to proportion from her coworker that proved Jimin has one of the sweetest personalities round.

The flight attendant defined that in one flight, BTS`s Jimin and previous Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu boarded the aircraft together—communicate approximately a visible coronary heart attack!

The flight attendant in query become an ARMY, so naturally, she become excited to look Jimin. Kim Ha Gyeong defined that ARMYs observe one key promise on the subject of walking into the contributors at work: fake you don`t recognise them. This probable enables hold a few normalcy for the global superstars and stops them from being made uncomfortable in public.

However, the ARMY flight attendant become older than maximum fans, so she wasn`t privy to the promise. As such, she couldn`t face up to sitting subsequent to him whilst she wasn`t on obligation and asking, “Can we take a picture?”

Given the situation, Jimin could had been nicely inside his rights to refuse the flight attendant`s request. However, being the lover he is, he did his first-rate to house her. Kim Ha Gyeong defined that Jimin apologized to the flight attendant “in a completely adorable way“. “I`m sorry,” he said, “Can I come up with an autograph instead?”

Kim Ha Gyeong discovered that she hasn`t come upon many “top notch famous” folks who are that thoughtful. “In that sense,” she said, “I assume BTS`s Jimin has the first-rate personality.”

I assume that`s why he`s so cherished and have become the first-rate idol withinside the world.

— Kim Ha Gyeong

And that`s now no longer the most effective time he`s proven like to ARMY flight people. One AYO viewer recalled the time Jimin gave an autograph to an attendant who didn`t even ask for it.

In 2019, a Chinese flight attendant shared the tale on Weibo. She defined that she couldn`t communicate to Jimin due to the policies of her process, however whilst he found out she become a fan, he sweetly left his autograph at the seat earlier than departing. As if that wasn`t enough, he even prepared his blanket and pillow smartly on his seat to make her process easier.

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