Fans Applaud BTS Jin’s Genuine Attitude Towards Traditional Korean Alcohol

The meaning of the name has touched the hearts of many fans.

BTS’s Jin is busy with his final act before his military service: he made traditional Korean rice wine with chef Baek Jong-won on his YouTube show “The Drunken Truth.” In the last episode, Jin received Rice Wine’s name from the Chief.

Instead of giving Jin the recipe, the Chief only asked for one thing! He hoped Jin would continue to be interested and research traditional alcohol. Chief revealed that he put a lot of thought into the name and hoped Jin would like it. It means four brothers of the sea, hoping that everyone who tastes it will become friends.

The teacher gave Seokjin the recipe and named the sake

Shikai Brothers:So that everyone who drinks gin can become friends

— Hope⁷💙 (@winnttaebear) November 19, 2022

Jin also thanked the production team for allowing him to film something he’s passionate about.

Thanks to the production team for this show. Our Run BTS team is so talented!Let’s double her salary, gogo! Rok Dam teacher and superstar thanks to his Baek chef Kim Seok Jin. Let’s try Korean traditional liquor!

Fans watching the program were also moved by the president’s thoughtfulness and expressed their gratitude for this wholesome content.

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