Everything You Need To Know About “BTS Festa 2021”

BTS always plans something great for the Festa, which marks the anniversary of the band on June 13.

This year also, the band has planned the impressive performances for the ARMY, which begin at the start of June, and continue up to the big day. The great thing is the band has already released the performance schedule so you can prepare in advance and relax your schedule to cherish the celebrations. 


Ready to check the Festa 21 calendar?


  • Inauguration ceremony: June 2, 2021
  • BTS profile: June 3
  • Choreography videos: June 4 
  • Mission BTS 4 cuts:  June 5
  • Bicycle: June 7
  • BTS photo collection 20/21: June 8
  • 2021 Army profile: June 9
  • “BTS Room Live”: June 11
  • “Muster”: June 13 and 14


This is BTS’s first Muster(Fan Meeting) since 2019, and given the prevailing circumstance, it will take place online. 

Moreover, this year marks the band’s 8th debut anniversary, and no doubt, it has been an incredible journey. 


Happy debut anniversary BTS!

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