Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Realize BTS’s V Spoiled His Photo-Folio Months Ago

We had no concept all this time till now!

BTS`s V is the modern member to launch a image-folio, however he teased it months ago.

Drawing at the romanticism of gentlemen, Special eight Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days`


Recently, BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled each a idea movie trailer and idea pictures for V`s Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days` Photo-folio. The BTS vocalist flawlessly embodied a nineteenth-century British gentleman that seemed directly out of a romance length drama.

The Photo-Folio derived from V`s concept portrays an afternoon withinside the lifestyles of a nineteenth century British gentleman reinterpreted via his taste.
A horseback driving lesson to start out the day, a peaceful afternoon tea withinside the solar, resting exterior and a experience to generally tend to himself.
Following the 4 chapters as though looking a silent movie, you may get a glimpse of a glamorously recreated day withinside the lifestyles of a nineteenth century gentleman.


Yet, V teased his image-folio lengthy ago. We simply didn`t realize something till now…

In April, V modified his Instagram profile photo. It turned into a black-and-white image providing him in a three-piece healthy and hat together along with his face hidden in the back of a ee-e book.

The ee-e book in query turned into British novelist Hall Caine`s 1928 novel “The Shadow Of A Crime.” It is the Danish Edition of the unconventional called “Forbrydelsens Skygge.” This identical ee-e book seems withinside the first set of idea pictures launched for Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days` Photo-folio.

Not simplest that however V is dressed withinside the specific outfit as the only in his profile photo withinside the trailer movie and the second one set of idea pictures launched for the image-folio. He is likewise visible resting on one of the suitcases featured within side the different image.

Similarly, V shared a black-and-white image of plant life on his Instagram feed in May. It turned into only some days after his profile photo update.

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