Eagle-Eyed ARMY Notice The Luxurious Location Of BTS V’s Photo-folio “Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days’”

BTS`s V lately launched the trailer for his upcoming Photo-folio Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days.`

With behind-the-scenes pictures of V, he selects the idea…

…and it exudes a experience of sophistication and comfort that suits his aesthetic perfectly!

However, ARMY quick found out the quantity of his highly-priced putting whilst the video showcased wherein the photoshoot took place.

Looking on the terrifi background, fanatics knew this place because the Equestrian Club of Sono Felice Vivaldi Park!

The lovely surroundings is called “the maximum highly-priced horse driving membership in Korea,” as proven via way of means of the photos.

The Equestrian Club of Sono Felice Vivaldi Park is called the maximum highly-priced horse driving membership in Korea. Around 60 highly-priced German pedigree horses are controlled via way of means of specialists to maintain the fine situation of all time at updated facilities. Lessons via way of means of put up country wide group gamers permit to emerge as intimate with horses no matter enjoy for all.

— Sono Hotels and Resorts/sonohotelsresorts.com

Just via way of means of searching at V`s outfit and horse driving boots, fanatics can`t wait to look what`s in keep for this terrifi photoshoot!


— ◡̈ (@taebokkiii) December 2, 2022

Get geared up for this fashionable idea coming soon!

Kim Taehyung`s VEAUTIFUL DAYS idea is so stylish and fashionable similar to him pic.twitter.com/ZmsvC80w2c

— KTH FACTS (@KTH_Facts) December 4, 2022

For now, take a look at out the entire trailer below.

Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful days` Teaserhttps://t.co/bGBxLdmcTM pic.twitter.com/AlcBPH4FPg

— 브리이에₂ (@briller613_bts) December 4, 2022

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