December Boy Group Members Brand Reputation Rankings Announce

The Korean Business Research Institute has released the December brand reputation rankings for the boy group members. 

Each month, the department compiles these rankings evaluating many factors like media coverage, consumer participation, and other community indexes. 

BTS is the highlight of the rankings this month, as its members successfully secured the top four spots on the list. 

The throne this month belonged to BTS’s Jin with a brand reputation index of 9,009,081, marking an impressive 182.94 percent increase in the ranking since November. Jin’s latest drops, “Yours” and the birthday special treat, “Super Tuna” are counted as major contributors to the immense rise in the rankings. 

After ruling the chart for non-stop 35 months, BTS Jimin, at last, missed the throne and landed second this month with a brand reputation index of 8,179,443. 

Lastly, BTS V came third whilst Jungkook stood fourth with a brand reputation index of 6,268,086, and  5,650,694 respectively. 

Congratulations, BTS!


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