Consequence of Sound announced BTS as their ‘2020 Band of the Year.’

‘Consequence of Sound,’ announced BTS as their ‘2020 Band of the Year.’

Sharing the big news, the Chicago-based online magazine noted that ‘rare is an act that takes off like a bullet train, blazing forward with uncontrollable momentum, leaving behind the stragglers who were too stuck in their ways to join for the ecstatic ride.’

It added that, in a year filled with loss and uncertainty, BTS gave people hope and brought joy through their music.

In 2020, BTS attained new heights of success. Instead, it wouldn’t be wrong to say BTS has become the band of ‘Firsts;’ The first all Koran act to rank #1 on the Billboard Charts( with Dynamite), the first Korean band to receive Grammy’s nomination, and the first act to rank non-English Language song, ‘Life Goes On,’ #1 on the Billboard Charts.

It is impossible to compress all its ‘Firsts’ in this writing. Congratulations to #BTS for all their 2020 accomplishments. Hopefully, this journey of success continues in the coming year as well.

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