Concept of ABTSDollar

The concept of ABTSDollar, and how can you use it?

BTS has emerged as a strong and successful boy band that, within a short time, reached the top of the music world. Its songs have been ruling the charts, especially the ‘Dynamite’ that ranked first on the Billboard’s Hot 100 three consecutive weeks after its debut and still maintains a prominent position among the Hot 100.

Besides, BTS has a huge fanbase that spreads across the globe. It’s surprising that these seven boys have defied the language barriers and cherish a marked rank among the nations outside North Korea as well.

There is no doubt that K-pop megastars have set the new musical boundaries. But, there is still space for more work and effort to make the band rule the music world.

In this regard, ABTS has taken strong incentives to take BTS’s voice to every region on the Earth and expand its fanbase. ABTS ecosystem is its vision, whose foundation is ABTSDollar.

Considering the fact of how much BTS productions have been successful, it is sensible to think about remixing the BTS songs and treating the fans with the next-level productions. This is where the idea of ABTSDollar comes into play.

ABTSDollar is a virtual currency used in the ABTS world. People can create an ABTSDollar wallet once they sign up for This currency they can use to purchase BTS merch available online on the ABTSdollar, as well as offline, and there is a surprise for the ABTS community, as the first 5000 subscribers will get 3ABTS Dollars free as a gift from ABTS.

The initial coin offering to the public starts on November 6. People will be able to buy it through the

But, ABTS has bigger plans regarding the productions of the BTS. A part of the value from the ABTS dollars will be used to finance the prominent singers, bands, and DJs worldwide to remix BTS songs. The purpose of this experimentation is to provide the fans with a new assortment of super hit songs, which they will love.

Suppose the example of Dynamite. “Dynamite” dominated fans’ minds and has been a super hit. Different top-ranked renowned DJs and bands, including Alan Walker, Armin van Buuren, Marshmello, DJ Snake, and many others, will be hired to remix BTS songs. Imagine, if the song is remixed in Alan Walker’s style, what level will it rise to?

But, the ABTS mission is not only confined to this specific area. It aims to bring changes to the global level. That’s why it targets the worldwide issues of climate change, racial discrimination, poverty, and others, which are affecting humanity.

To resolve the issues of climate change, ABTS envisions to start an Afforestation project in Mongolia to filter the contaminated air from potentially hazardous pollutants.

These forests will help to avert the disastrous impacts of climate change; a looming threat posed to the world in the 21st century. New trees will be planted in a specific area marked by the Mongolian government. ABTS will promote this project by introducing new exciting themes to increase interest and encourage fans’ participation. In addition to these ecological benefits, this tree complex would aid in resources by contributing lumber and biomass.

The Mongolian government-designated almost a 330million sq .meter area for the plantation of Sea Buckthorn. This plant is enriched in vitamins such as Vit C and Vit E, which play a vital role in enhancing immunity.

Another concept is the ABTStizen, which is spreading worldwide, holding major positions in different firms and businesses. ABTS will spend ABTS dollars to use these members for promotions and advertisements.

Furthermore, ABTS will work in alliance with the top brands to create limited editions of the BTS featuring products, such as watches, and shoes, etc. This partnership will help both the collaborators and also keep the Army engaged with exciting innovations. This will also prove to be very beneficial in expanding the BTS fandom.

ABTS also focuses on increasing public engagement in social issues. For this purpose, the plan is to design accessories such as armbands, shirts, and caps, highlighting the issues. Take the example of the Balck Lives Matter. We can design the products featuring slogans such as Black Lives Matter. People will be encouraged to support these movements by making donations through the buying of these products using the ABTSDollar. In this way, they can directly contribute to different organizations working for suicide prevention, racial discrimination elimination, etc.

These are the highlights of the concept of ABTSDollar. If you want to read more, you can find the whitepaper here