CNN Gains Attention For Their Interview With Kim Seokjin Ahead Of His Military Enlistment — But There Is A Hilarious Plot Twist

This interview became a hot topic among Korean netizens!
On December 13th, her ARMYs around the world got very emotional when they saw BTS’ Jin signed on as the group’s first member. Naturally, it was a global event that caught the attention of netizens.
News outlet CNN caught the attention of Kim Seok-jin’s pre-hire interview…but there was a twist in the plot!

ARMYs weren’t there, but they sent support with banners and posters to share their love for Jin.

When BTS shared a photo of all the members together, we got our first glimpse of what happened before his draft came, and it definitely made ARMYs emotional. Of course, in addition to fans, the global media also covered the big event. On one of his channels he had CNN. In addition to articles about his draft, they even had reporters on the scene interviewing people.

Still, there was a twist to the story…because it wasn’t actually Jin from BTS.
In an interview, CNN spoke to his 20-year-old Kim Seokjin, who was actually one of him in the draft to enter the same division as Idol. Of course, funny enough, not only did he enlist in the 5th Infantry Division on Tuesday, but he also shares the same full name as Jin from BTS. In an interview, the young recruit explained how nervous he was about the whole experience, but added, “But I’m also looking forward to going with Jin.” He added that he hopes to

Of course, once the interview was shared, it immediately caught the attention of Korean netizens.
Not only did CNN send a reporter out to cover Jin’s hiring, they also didn’t know how to hit the jackpot by finding someone who signed on with the same name in the same department.

 “Sweet! Daejeon’s Seok Jin is also expected to be a good hire,” he said.
 “Wow, how did you find him?”
 “I interviewed another Kim Seokjin because I couldn’t go home empty-handed.”
 “I hope Kim Seok-jin in Daejeon also recruits good talent.”
 “How did you find Kim Seokjin? lol.”
 “CNN is great.”
Of course, CNN seemed to be in the perfect place to find an interview with Kim Seokjin the same day he joined from his BTS. It was definitely hilarious and not surprising that Korean netizens found it so funny!

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