“Christmas Tree” Sets Another Record By Crossing 30 Million Spotify Streams 

Within a short period ‘Christmas Tree’ has scored big. V’s soundtrack for Korean drama “Our Beloved Summer” has been a  complete success not only in Korea but other regions as well. In Japan, within hours of release, “Christmas Tree” topped  Oricon’s daily digital singles besides recording the highest number of first-day downloads. 

The song’s recent achievement is hitting 30 million streams on Spotify. The track covered the milestone on January 21, 2022, only 29 days after its release, granting it the distinction of the fastest song by a Korean act as well as a Korean Soloist to complete 30 million streams on Spotify. 

Previously, the song has already been titled as the longest-charting solo song by a Korean male act on the Global Spotify.

The achievement-list is quite impressive given ‘V’ even didn’t promote the song officially. But at the same time, it clearly speaks  of V’s unparalleled popularity among the masses. 

Congratulations, V!


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