Chipotle Becomes Chicotle Taking Inspiration From Jungkook 

Jungkook’s influence is undeniable. The American-fast food giant, Chipotle, changes the name to Chicotle as pronounced by Jungkook at the lunch party following the crosswalk concert for the James Cordon Show. 

In the newly released episode of BANGTAN BOMB, Jeon can be seen eating and genuinely falling in love with Chipotle. However, it couldn’t go unnoticed when the 24-years old mispronounced Chipotle as Chicotle

As soon as the clip went viral, the restaurant chain opted to change its Twitter handle to Chicotle. 

The act has caught the attention of the major media outlets not only in Korea but other regions as well. Fans were also quick to respond noting, 

If Jungkook says it Chicotle then it’s Chicotle.”


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