Butter Lands Among Billboard Top 50 Songs 2021

Billboard has released the list of the top 50 songs of 2021, and guess what, BTS managed to enter the list at a very promising position with their newest production, ‘Butter.’

Considering the fact,  butter is just a few weeks old , it is impossible to believe that it could win such a title. But it is a BTS, so everything is possible.

Delving into the details, Butter landed at 28 spot on the list. Announcing BTS’s feat, Billboard noted that,

“Nothing succeeds like success, and after the explosive chart performance of ‘Dynamite’ in 2020, BTS decided to return to the formula – English-language lyrics, classic ’80s pop maximalism, a simile-based chorus hook – for this year’s ‘Butter.’”

Apart from this, Butter has compiled a whole list of accolades to its name. This also includes topping the Billboard Hot 100 twice consecutively. 

Congratulations to BTS!


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