Butter Is Out

The much-awaited BTS “Butter” is Out. This is the second English-Language song by the band after the blockbuster “Dynamite” debuted in summer 2020.

“Butter,” a disco-pop song starts black and white, but soon the background changes vibrant, like all other BTS productions.

The lyrics, vocals, and fast beat, everything is on point. Not to forget the rap by Suga and RM, which adds a fine delicacy and intrigue to the overall tone.

And very in line with the BTS “top-tradition,” the song has covered an impressive milestone of garnering the highest 24-hour-Debut since its release, which to note is around 24 hours now.

But for BTS, it is no big deal, right?

To cut the story short, “Butter” is “Phenomenal,” and of course our new favorite in the “BTS” Playlist.

And what about your experience with it? Do you like it or love it? Let’s know in the comments below!

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