BTS’s V Shows The The Reality Of Dieting On “Run BTS!” — But Jungkook Is On Hand To Make His Life Both Easier And Harder

It was turbulent and healthy simultaneously!

BTS’s most youthful individuals, Jungkook and V, have consistently had a firm fellowship. Since appearing, they have made ARMYs giggle with their communications and displayed their really turbulent kin relationship.

As of late, the two exhibited their fortitude, and ARMYs couldn’t get enough of their kinship.

During the new episode of Run BTS!, the individuals were prepared to play a few games. Before that, they were all treated to some heavenly pizza and treats.

While every one of the individuals were getting into their food…

One individual appeared to have an altogether different response, and it was, in all honesty, V.

It was then uncovered that while recording, V was on a careful nutritional plan and wasn’t permitted to eat the food. Obviously, consuming less calories is difficult for anybody, yet when confronted with food and individuals around you eating it, it turns out to be a lot harder.

What was significantly more enthusiastically was that V needed to eat such a lot of that he was getting some information about which had minimal calories in them.

From the start, Jungkook misheard it for “signature,” however at that point attempted to help his hyung by bringing up that having one nibble of something great would be fine. He even participated in fortitude by adding that he was beginning to abstain from food today, so he wasn’t eating by the same token.

Indeed, even with the prodding, it appears as though Jungkook was entirely strong of V since he even decided not to eat. Close by doing some “Diet works out” with V…

At the point when RM found out if Jungkook was eating or not, the youthful icon made sense of that he would arrange it himself sometime later.

They even gave one another “Diet tests” to check whether they could adapt, with Jungkook making V giggle by putting the pizza to V’s nose and inspiring him to smell it.

At the point when the video was delivered, netizens couldn’t move past the fellowship among V and Jungkook. Despite the fact that he was prodding V with food prior, he decided not to eat, and it was apparently to make V’s slimming down simpler.

Jungkook’s vindicated to taehyung has come 😆

— ◡̈ (@taebokkiii) January 3, 2023

Take a gander at them😭😭😭😭😭???

— thv refreshes (@DailylofV) January 3, 2023

HELP did jungkook just began diet right in a flash to not cause taehyung to feel alone? 😭😭bro jungkook is in a real sense the best individual ever #taekook

— hourly taekook (@allloftaekook) January 3, 2023

Despite the fact that they were both apparently in it together, numerous ARMYs kidded that Jungkook making V smell the pizza was really compensation. Previously, the individuals have uncovered how hard V made it for them to consume less calories…

At a certain point, they even made sense of that when Jungkook was on a tight eating routine once, V gave him chopsticks and requested that his more youthful sibling feed him.

🐥: when jungkookie was counting calories taehyung gave him chopsticks (with the meat) and asked jungkook to take care of him,, taehyungie wah 👍🏼
🐹: namjoon ah I needed to express something to you,, feed me this please
🐨: (on diet) alright i’ll channel you (x2) 😠

— haley 👁👅👁 (@vmination) Walk 13, 2021

Obviously, it’s all important for being so close, and this cooperation keeps on demonstrating that BTS are not simply individuals; they’re a family!

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