BTS’s V Is The Perfect 19th-Century British Gentleman In Photo-Folio Concept Photos

He is the romantic male lead of our dreams!

BTS`s V is the subsequent member to launch a solo photo-folio, and he`s nailing his idea.

Recently, he launched the Concept Film for his Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days` Photo-folio, revealing his fashionable idea that screams “Kim Taehyung.” We couldn`t assist however fall in love together along with his princely vibes.

Now, BIGHIT MUSIC has launched extra idea photos, revealing V`s high-quality imaginative and prescient that absolutely captures his vintage soul.

V embodies the individual of a “nineteenth century British gentleman.” So, he’s taking ARMYs on a horseback using lesson, afternoon tea, and a sleep outside. He`s a real romantic.

The Photo-Folio derived from V`s concept portrays an afternoon withinside the existence of a nineteenth century British gentleman reinterpreted via his taste.
A horseback using lesson to start out the day, a relaxed afternoon tea withinside the solar, resting outside and a journey to have a tendency to himself.
Following the 4 chapters as though looking a silent film, you may get a glimpse of a glamorously recreated day withinside the existence of a nineteenth century gentleman.


V is genuinely the main guy of the duration romance drama of our dreams. We`re simply watching for the professional casting announcement.

mr. vante

— laura (@7bogoshipda) December 7, 2022

At this point, we`re low-key satisfied V is a time tourist…

beginning to assume taehyung is a victorian time tourist who’s right here to warn us of imminent doom however went on a facet quest and joined bts rather

— lauren⁷ *✲*。⋆♡ (@suga93jacket) December 7, 2022

Pre-orders start Friday, December 09, 2022. Read extra below.

BIGHIT MUSIC Announces Pre-Order For BTS V`s “The Special eight Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days`”—Here`s All It Includes

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