The Double Meaning Behind BTS RM’s “Still Life” Proves His Lyrical Genius And Creativity

He grew to become a weak point right into a strength.

BTS`s RM launched a surreal tune video for the upbeat 2nd song on his debut solo studio album, Indigo, titled “Still Life.” The music capabilities the mythical rapper, producer, and musician Anderson .Paak.

At first glance, a few lovers may suppose that the name refers back to the fashion of artwork especially depicting static inanimate items, however RM discovered the proper double which means behind “Still Life” in an interview at the TongTongCulture YouTube channel in which he previewed all the tracks on Indigo.

Being a non-local English speaker, RM misinterpreted the words “Still Life” to intend the alternative of what it normally refers to.

“As a non-local English speaker, I interpreted the phrase as `Life nevertheless is going on.` Even aleven though the photograph is desk bound in a frame, it’s far nevertheless alive. I desired to speak approximately lifestyles ongoing shifting farfar from constant canvas.”

RM`s cappotential to remake the which means of the words, which first took place due to a language barrier weak point, right into a lovely message of wish highlights his terrific skills as an artist and lyricist. The tune video for the song is proof of the transformation, displaying RM persevering with to forge a direction for himself whilst smiling, notwithstanding all the frozen items and those round him.

At the music`s end, RM resumes writing in his notebook, indicating that he nevertheless has plans to retain dwelling his lifestyles as an artist to the fullest.

Watch the tune video for “Still Life” and RM`s complete interview at the TongTongCulture YouTube channel below. He begins offevolved speakme approximately the double which means behind “Still Life” on the 3:09 mark.

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