BTS’s V Is The Fairytale Prince Of Everyone’s Dreams In New “Veautiful Days” Photo-folio Concept Film

“Taehyung is how ladies write guys in books.”

BTS`s V simply launched the Concept Film for his Me, Myself, and V `Veautiful Days` Photo-folio, revealing his stylish idea that screams “Kim Taehyung.”

Dressed in his favourite undying style, V is at one with nature as he rides a motorcycle and poses with flowers.

However, V quickly indicates off his regal facet whilst he modifications right into a blue blazer with a white silk scarf. Twirling round on his cane, he seems like a person a prince out of a fairytale!

His highly-expected equestrian appearance fits him flawlessly as he rides a horse thru the grounds of the one of the maximum pricey horse driving golf equipment in Korea, Sono Felice Vivaldi Park.

In the very last clip, V`s lovely visuals are obvious as he jumps on a mattress withinside the center of the park, like a dreamy romance novel.

Meanwhile, the Mood Sampler motion pictures seize the vibes of every idea. Do you opt for herbal V…

…or stylish V? There`s handiest one proper answer: ARMY love both!

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