BTS’s Tattoo Artist Reveals A Close-Up Photo Of V’s “7” Friendship Tattoo, Confirming That He Had It Done With Jungkook

He likewise cleared up disarray about not having V’s mark!

One of the most smoking subjects of 2022 was BTS and their fellowship tattoos. Consistently, the vast majority of the individuals imparted their matching tattoos to the world, exhibiting areas of strength for them.

BTS’s V was the furthest down the line part to uncover his tattoo, sending the web into complete implosion.

V was really perhaps the earliest part to talk about the tattoo in a Weverse post to a Military. However, notwithstanding the message, V was one of the two individuals that hadn’t really uncovered his tattoo appropriately.

Armed force: Don’t get a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

V: That is something I’ll settle all alone, and the individuals and I generally discussed getting a companionship tattoo. We will get a kinship tattoo one day. Anticipate it 🥰🥰

On December 16, 2022, V at last uncovered his tattoo in the wake of sharing some photographs and recordings from his new excursion to Mexico. Zooming in, obviously following quite a while of theory, V at long last uncovered that his “7” kinship tattoo was on his leg, simply over his knee.

After the tattoos have been uncovered by the individuals, the tattoo craftsman Polyc SJ has been sharing his own photographs of the fine art, with the authorization of the individuals.

On January 3, Polyc SJ shared some nearby photographs of V’s tattoo. Albeit the photographs posted by V showed the tattoos, they were very far away, and the latest shot from the Instagram account is a zoomed-in rendition of the flawlessly extraordinary “7” plan for the symbol.

Alongside the photograph, the craftsman additionally shared that V had his tattoo finished with Jungkook. There had been some disarray in photographs shared of the studio. Netizens had seen that V’s unique wasn’t there, which prompted many accepting he hadn’t got one.

In his Instagram story, Polyc SJ made sense of that he had become so wrecked with warnings that he neglected.

Large numbers of you were inquiring as to why V’s mark was not in the shop. At the point when I transferred Jungkook’s work, there were so many Instagram notices, so I got overpowered that I neglected to get it. I trust this addressed your interest.

— Polyc SJ

In spite of the fact that for some ARMYs, it was energizing to hear that V went to get his tattoo with Jungkook, it was something essentially uncovered by V in 2022.

After their pre-recording for M Commencement in June 2022, where V wowed with his duality, the icon shocked fans by turning on a live transmission.

Specifically, one second that stood apart was when V was gotten some information about the “companionship tattoos,” and the icon affirmed they were occurring. At that point, V uncovered that he hadn’t had his done around then, making sense of the justification for why.

I haven’t chosen where to get my kinship tattoo. In the wake of choosing where to get a tattoo, I will go with Jungkook.

— BTS’s V

At that point, Jungkook likewise hadn’t uncovered his tattoo. Many accept that from V’s words and presently the image from the tattoo craftsman, the gathering’s two most youthful individuals went together and stayed faithful to their obligation.

You can peruse more about the tattoo beneath.

BTS’s V At long last Uncovers His Famous “7” Kinship Tattoo In A Practically Shirtless Picture From His Outing To Mexico

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