BTS’s Suga Spills On His Strategy For Dealing With Sadness

BTS are frequently commended for their trustworthiness in putting themselves out there to fans. For example, Suga once shared his journal section style Twitter with fans, getting serious about his subtle conflict later “not having the option to perform in front of an audience and [disappointing] many fans.”

I needed to accomplish something that 24-year-old Min Yoongi could do and not 24-year-old Suga. This was a period for me to ponder myself and the narratives I’m going to tell isn’t about a vocalist and fan or BTS and Armed force, yet about an individual recounting their story to individuals.

— Suga

In a meeting with Weverse Magazine in 2021, Suga uncovered that he was attempting to further develop his prosperity, needing to comprehend himself better. And keeping in mind that he shared that he had certainly made progress in seeking after “profound solidness,” luckily, his prosperity didn’t affect the feeling he depicts in his music.

They don’t immensely affect it. I think it influences the manner in which I compose verses a little, yet I’m not dealing with any verses right now. I’ve been making music for quite a while, so I believe it’s feasible for me to communicate feelings I’m not feeling at the time.

— Suga

Presently in the most recent episode of BTS’s all around adored theatrical presentation, Run BTS!, Suga shared one of his ways to manage bitterness.

In the episode, BTS played a game where two individuals were “liars” who didn’t get an inquiry that the other individuals got inquired. All things considered, the two liars needed to cast a ballot yes or no and afterward protect their response to the gathering in the wake of learning the inquiry, imagining they knew everything along.

One of the inquiries during the game was whether they dance while feeling miserable.

While protecting their responses, both J-Trust and Suga concurred that it is great to divert yourself while feeling miserable and that moving was an ideal method for doing exactly that.

J-Trust: Indeed, it’s sort of good to neglect.

Suga: Your brain truly disappears when you utilize your body.

After the liars were uncovered, Suga uncovered that he moves when he’s miserable, yet more explicitly, he attempts to occupy himself with work, so he lacks the opportunity to think excessively.

Suga: I deliberately make my timetable truly full and tight day in and day out. I go into dance examples then.

Which different individuals concurred may worth attempt.

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