BTS’s Suga Is Actually The Same Age As Jin For 9 Months Of The Year — So Why Does He Call Him “Hyung?”

His motives make sense!

BTS`s RM currently sat down with Suga for Episode 1 of his new YouTube series “Suchwita” in which the 2 mentioned the entirety from humorous behind-the-scenes moments to the destiny of BTS.

RM mentioned his solo album Indigo, describing it as a illustration and archive of his twenties. This quick released a dialogue of age as the 2 debated their precise a long time in line with the global and (rumored to quickly be abolished) Korean age systems.

Suga discovered a truth that won’t have crossed many ARMY`s minds: Though Suga refers back to the oldest member Jin as his hyung, they’re technically the equal age for 9 months of the year! The months from December to March are the simplest time period in which they have got exceptional a long time.

RM hilariously cautioned they drop the honorifics which wasn`t met with the high-quality response!

Can you name him as though he`s the equal age as you, then? `Hey! Jin! You good?`

— RM

Suga close RM down with the aid of using staying he “ought to live polite” — Just take a look at out the wonderful modifying of Jin`s surprising look

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